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(Switching Fashion Editorial):- Irvine, May 2, 2020 ( – is excited to announce the launch of our latest Online Store owned by Christopher Wiley from Dearborn Heights, Michigan. While attending college Christopher decided to join his brother in entrepreneurship and partnered with him to grow and build a marketing company.  They started off buying and selling wholesale goods door to door.  After seeing some success and growth, they started taking on larger clients and ventured into energy products (going green), and telecommunications and have expanded into 9 cities across the country.  While they have established themselves in direct sales, they know that the new way of business is with E-commerce. 

He is excited about the opportunity with due to the ability to have access to many products at great prices, and without the hassle having to personally handle inventory.  They look forward to the opportunity of growth in the online market and is the ideal opportunity he was looking for to take on this challenge. is excited to welcome Christopher and look forward to a successful venture as we collectively increase our footprint and market share of the 90 Billion annual revenues in the Dollar Store Industry.

Christopher Wiley’s store is conveniently hosted at

More on Switching Fashion: was the first online market exchange in 1996 to streamline the buying and selling of discount general merchandise and close-out/surplus goods for dollar stores and related retailers, suppliers and entrepreneurs. is a ready-to-go platform that minimizes the risks of creating an online DollarStore presence. DollarStore is now offering entrepreneurs from all walks of life an opportunity to Own an Online DollarStore and earn revenue from sales of the products. DollarStore brings together all the relevant players (technology, marketing, shipping couriers, payment options, customer service) to make selling online a quick and easy process with a 100% turnkey, secured, customized online platform and all the tools necessary to run and grow a successful online DollarStore business.

This platform is optimized for high-frequency, small volume e-commerce consumer goods.  Most of our items are made exclusively in America including a variety of well-recognized international brands. platform is built to take advantage of all the digital and online marketing skill sets that continually attract new customers at a low cost, as well as benefiting from traditional marketing methodologies.

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