Protect yourself from the Coronavirus with the silver ion face masks of Dermagate Inc.


Only three days left before the end of the crowdfunding campaign

(Switching Fashion Editorial):- Quebec, Sep 24, 2020 ( – Donning a face mask has become the new normal for the entire globe. However, experts consider masks as psychological symbols for the general public. Maintaining hygiene of hands is certainly more effective than wearing a face mask, in terms of protecting a person from the Coronavirus. But, the scarce availability of face masks has led to people searching more about face masks, landing them to the page of Dermagate Inc. Their Silver Ion Face Masks are self-sterilizing and have won over the market due to their hassle-free maintenance and ability to withstand more than 100 washes without the quality degrading by even 1%. These are also easy-to-breath – people can conduct their day-to-day physical activities without facing any kind of breathing problems. To ensure the global availability of these masks, the company has arranged a crowdfunding campaign in collaboration with Indiegogo

Initially, wearing masks was not mandatory and it was advised that people should avoid crowded areas. But, once reports on the Coronavirus getting transmitted even before the symptom-onset, were published, health bodies across the world suggested wearing face masks, to reduce the chances of community transmission. Keeping these in mind, Dermagate Inc. has manufactured face masks that are made with the technology that is followed while making silver wound dressings, ensuring the maximum antimicrobial activity possible for a mask. Purchasing these masks will save you both time and money that you had to invest in the search of new masks. The ‘Peace of Mind’ masks of this company is made with materials that have proved their efficiency in treating skin disorders, offering skin comfort to the users.

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Though only recently scientific evidence has been provided on the respiratory droplet transmission getting reduced due to the usage of masks, yet covering the mouth and nose amidst this pandemic, sounds to be the most logical option. With the Government bodies also making the use of masks mandatory, many people have come up with some creative ideas for the masks, trying to make these fashion statements. But, unlike the face masks of Dermagate Inc. these masks do not provide the users with the same features and comfort that are need and they become contaminated waste and pollution. The Silver Ion Face Masks of Dermagate is not only for psychological pseudo-confidence and reassure everybody but for the security and comfort of the wearer too.

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