Trump-Biden Debate Goes Chaotic As Trump Directly Refused To Pledge To Urge His Supporters To Stay Calm


Posted By - Marcia Kelsey


Image Credit – Global News



U.S. President Donald Trump during his first debate with former Vice President Joe Biden has stated that he would not urge his supporters to stay calm in case of a contested election in November.

When asked by moderator Chris Wallace, Trump said that he has been urging people to be poll watchers to stop fraudulent activities both in the polling places and with mail-in ballots.

Trump has said that if it’s a fair election then he is 100% on board. But if he finds tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated, then he shall not go along with it.

Wallace raised the question of what he means by that particular statement. Does that mean Trump would urge his people to take to the streets in such a case? To which Trump replied, it proves that the election shall be fraudulent.

He further continued to say that these people aren’t equipped to handle it and would cheat.

When being asked the same question, Biden promised to not declare the victory until the election results get independently certified.

He said that they would count the ballots and added that there are some ballots in some states that can’t even be opened until Election Day, and therefore if there are thousands of ballots, it’s going to take time.

Trump stated that he is counting on the Supreme Court to settle any sort of dispute in the final electoral count. If the court likely includes Trump’s third nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, then it would create an unbreakable conservative majority, if the Republican-led Senate votes to confirm her before November 3.

He added that he is counting on them to look at the ballots and added that they might not need them in terms of the election, but shall need them for the ballots.

However, Trump still hasn’t confirmed whether or not he shall accept a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election.

For months, the President Attorney General Bill Barr and other fellow Republicans have argued with the fact that the mail-in ballots, which is thereby being expanded or introduced in almost every state due to the pandemic, shall lead to widespread fraud, and shall provide little concrete evidence. Furthermore, they have voiced support for solicited absentee ballots, which Trump himself has used to vote.

When Trump tried to point examples of election fraud during the debate, it was full of characterizations. According to a local media, there is a story about a group of Trump’s so-called poll watchers who had been reportedly turned away from an office in Philadelphia, due to various reasons extending beyond fraud.

During the debate, Biden pointed out that members of the military have been voting by mail since the Civil war, and refuted Trump and Republicans’ arguments that said mail-in voting would lead to widespread fraud.

Biden questioned that why for them is it not fraudulent, referring to the military members, and closed by promising that both he and Trump would have to accept the results.

He added that once the winner is declared, the ballots and the votes are counted, that would be the end of it.

If they get the votes, Trump has to leave, and that he can’t stay in power, which he’s sure, would happen. And, exclaimed all to vote by pointing at the camera.