Miami Modest Fashion Week Is Bringing INTELLECTUAL FASHION via Animation and Innovation to their SECOND Year event, whi


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To create Miami as the DESTINATION HUB for MODEST FASHION WEEKS around the world.

(Switching Fashion Editorial):- Miami, Florida Feb 10, 2021 ( – Miami Modest Fashion Week is one of the new additions of The Modest Fashion Weeks around the World, a very promising and exciting one. As the FIRST Modest Fashion Week in The USA, the inauguration was executed beautifully in 2019  and reached great heights in major media outlets, including Vogue Arabia, Vogue Brazil, Harper Bazaar Arabia, DHL Fashion, Bloomberg, Grazia Arabia, Fashion Network Russia, Global News and many more.

Miami Modest Fashion Week is on the move to activate their SECOND-YEAR event on July 10th & 11th, 2021 during Fashion Week in Miami.  The event will be produced by The Connector Group International LLC, a grassroots Miami-based company.

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                           The HYBRID event will be focusing on INTELLECTUAL FASHION through an Avant-Garde approach to design and how the fashion industry can sustain and preserve a long-standing history tradition to mainstream culture and future generations, especially Gen Z.  This will be done by incorporating Cultural Significance with animation, innovation, intriguing conversations, presenting Visual Arts and Contemporary Practices to Modest Fashion and Lifestyle.

Miami Modest Fashion Week, is a platform with a unique strategy to promote the brands, talents, organization, tourism, government agencies and facilitate businesses in front of inclusive, diverse demographic and highly targeted global audiences in Real-Time. 

Due to the pandemic, digital escalation is becoming the CATALYST platform for businesses from the private, public, and government sectors.  Some used this disruption to pivot, while some businesses flourished. One of the countries that are taking a lead is the Malaysian government where the government has started the process of integrating digital technologies into all areas of its economy, and the next step is to carve its position as the “Heart of Digital Asean”. 

Muslim spend on apparel will grow at a 5-year CAGR of 2.4% from 2019 to 2024 to reach $311 billion in 2024, reported in State Global Islamic Economy produced by Dinar Standard with the support of the Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre (DIEDC).

                              “My vision is to create Miami as the DESTINATION HUB for MODEST FASHION WEEKS around the world,” states Norsham Mohamad-Garcia;  an unorthodox self-taught entrepreneur, founder of the event, Malaysian born that is known for her attitude in breaking a stereotype.  She is welcoming everyone to join an ultimate experience of Modest Fashion week that not to be missed while at the same time the guests have the opportunity to help others. Each ticket purchase contributes $2 to assist The Lotus House;  Miami organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless women, youth and children.

The Second Year Fashion Week will be adding designers, brands and VIP from different parts of the world, including Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Korea, Mongolia, Mexico, Malaysia, Russia and many more.

Supported & Collaboration with  Global Entrepreneur Network – Malaysia, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)- Malaysia, Miami International Airport (MIA), AKI Westcoast TV & Radio Canada, Roots TV – Australia, Miami Dade Development Authority, Greater Miami and Convention Greater Bureau, Beacon Council Miami, Miami Fashion Institute at Miami Dade College, Miami Beach Business Chamber of Commerce, Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce, Miss Worldwide International, Zunia Integrated Sdn Bhd (Malaysia). America Modest Fashion Week, Indonesia Modest Fashion Week, Russia Modest Fashion Week, Modest Fashion Australia, AWF WestCoast Fashion World – Canada, Mexico Modest Fashion Week, NurNora, Buccheri.


About MIAMI Modest Fashion Week is about ethics, culture, education and innovation.  A platform with a unique strategy to promote the talents and facilitate businesses as a true export of the country in Miami; the second-fastest growing city in the United States.

The Connector Group International LLC:   Beyond Connecting. Beyond Borders  – The Connector Group International is a  Miami based company that has been established since 2009. A full-service strategic development and consultant agency,

Date of The Event:  July 10th & 11th, 2021  ( Saturday & Sunday) |  Time:  10.00AM – 12.00PM  ( USA Eastern Time) 

To Purchase The Ticket:  Eventbrite  ( TBA) | Ticket Price Ranges:  USD $25 – $60       


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Address:   1680 Michigan Avenue, Suite 700. Miami Beach FL 33139 United States |  Isra Ibrahim

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Miami Modest Fashion Week
Miami Modest Fashion Week is the FIRST Modest Fashion Week in the USA. Miami Modest Fashion Week, is an annual event that is set to reach great heights, bring dynamic international talents and opportunities to the world through multiple creative disciplines.
A highly anticipated international event, dedicated to MODEST FASHION & LIFESTYLE
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