Cloudbit Cash $CDBC crypto airdrop: what you need to know


Cloudbit Exclusive Telegram Event Bot

(Switching Fashion Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Feb 21, 2021 ( – Free Cloudbit Cash known as ($CDBC) is coming. They will be distributed by airdrop to those participants which are interacting with the Telegram Cloudbit Event-Bot. $CDBC – a crypto asset native to the Cloudbit technology created by US-based technology giant Cloudbit, Ltd. – at 12:00 on 10 May 2021. (Telegram:

This article provides an introduction to Cloudbit and $CDBC lists some of the high profile wallet providers that have confirmed their support for the airdrop e.g. Trust Wallet and Binance Chain Wallet (Browser Extension) and provide some recommended steps if you are reading this article after the airdrop and want to understand your rights.

Background – Cloudbit Network’s $CDBC
$CDBC is the native crypto asset of the Cloudbit Network’s, a system intended to bring smart contract functionality to the CDB ecosystem, enabling trusted automation and efficiencies. Smart contracts have been a central part of the blockchain ecosystem since Ethereum’s launch in 2014, and the MDRxTECH team have been engineering and auditing them for a number of years.

Interestingly, Cloudbit claims to be “the world’s first recognized world currency ($CDBC) approved by the “Central Bank Digital Currency” (CBDC).” This is an important development as, if implement properly, it will enable a new way of scaling smart contract platforms while decoupling security with the value of the token, i.e. it will no longer rely on economic incentives that can be distorted to maintain a robust system. This marks a step-change from many of the major blockchain platforms including Bitcoin (using proof of work consensus) and Ethereum (now using proof of stake consensus).

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$CDB and $CDBC is a cryptocurrency exchange token. In order to unite a link with the CBDC “Central Bank Digital Currency”. It’s a P2P worldwide service with an innovative decentralized network.
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