Ghassan Khamiseh, MD, an Internist with Orange View Healthcare

Get to know Internist Dr. Ghassan Khamiseh, who serves patients in Santa Ana, California. (Switching Fashion Editorial):- New York City, Oct 18, 2020 ( – Dr. Khamiseh is an experienced and mindful internist specializing in nephrology, internal medicine, and weight management. He is a trusted physician and friend to Santa Ana, California and surrounding communities, providing quality […]

Leonard J. Pianko, MD, FACC, a Cardiologist with Aventura Cardiovascular Center

Get to know Cardiologist Dr. Leonard J. Pianko, who serves patients in Aventura, Florida. (Switching Fashion Editorial):- New York City, Oct 18, 2020 ( – Dr. Pianko is a sought-out cardiologist with special expertise in cardiovascular disease, preventive cardiology, and non-invasive treatment options, including echocardiogram and nuclear stress testing. He is the Founder of Aventura Cardiovascular Center […]

PricePro Pharmacy Features Affordable Prescription Medications for Americans

(Switching Fashion Editorial):- Surrey, Oct 17, 2020 ( – The rising costs of medications in the U.S. have prompted many individuals to seek the items they need in Canada at PricePro Pharmacy. A fully certified, licensed, and accredited Canadian pharmacy, the company is one of the most trusted pharmacies by U.S. residents and offers affordable online prescriptions […]

Dawn Hickman-Cox, RN, Registered Nurse – Certified Critical Care Nurse

(Switching Fashion Editorial):- New York City, Oct 16, 2020 ( – Dawn is a registered nurse & certified critical care nurse serving patients in Northport, Florida. She works in the intensive care unit, offering care to patients who are acutely unwell and require critical medical care. At the start of her academic career, Dawn earned her Bachelor […]

Diana L. Caragacianu, MD, FACS, a Surgical Oncologist – Breast Surgeon with The Breast Center at Milford Regional Medica

Get to know Surgical Oncologist & Breast Surgeon Dr. Diana L. Caragacianu, who serves patients in Milford, Massachusetts. (Switching Fashion Editorial):- New York City, Oct 15, 2020 ( – Dr. Caragacianu is a respected surgical oncologist & breast surgeon serving as the Medical Director of The Breast Center at Milford Regional Medical Center in Milford, Massachusetts.  Under […]